Smoking Marijuana
If you have any useful smoking tips for us, you can send us an e-mail by clicking here. Thanks for all your input. If you are in need of any guidance on how to smoke the wicked weed then please read on. We here at want nothing to stand in the way of you and your smoke! But please note that Marijuana is in fact illegal in many countries, and its usage can be severely punished. We therefore encourage you to smoke only where you can do so safely and legally.

If you burn your fingers on the roach of your joint Put your fingers behind your ear lobe, the wax/greace there sooths the pain and helps recover quickly. Of course this works for all small burns. For more severe burns, always cold water first... the longer the better !!!

Rolling a joint/spliff /reefer...
Everyone has their own special way of rolling a spliff, and it is often easier to learn how to roll up with someone showing you exactly how they do it, so you may find yourself confused as to how to proceed. Relax. There is no right or wrong way to roll a joint, use whichever method you are comfortable with and practice, practice, practice! There is nothing like being able to roll your own rather than wait around for someone else to do it.

So, first of all you need to place your skin on a flat surface. Make sure that the gummed strip is on the upper side and is facing you.

Next you need a rectangle of card which you roll up to make a filter, the top of a packet of papers is usually just the right strength. You then place this at the right- hand end of the paper, or if you are left handed place it at the left end. Next you place the tobacco along the crease of the paper, placing slightly more tobacco at the opposite end to your roach. You then take the crumpled Marijuana or Hash and sprinkle over the tobacco. How much you put depends on the quality of the Marijuana/Hash, its strength, who will be smoking it, and your personal preference. Now for the tricky bit! Gently lift up the filled paper between your thumb and forefinger in both hands. Fold the paper over upwards and gently roll it between your thumbs and forefingers backwards and forwards, as if you were feeling the softness of a silken cloth. Once the mixture has compacted a little and starts to resemble a tube, roll the front piece of paper up to the top and then all the way down again ‘til you get to the edge of the mixture. Pinching the paper between your thumb and second finger (your middle one), lift your forefinger over the paper to replace the position of the thumb. Then with your thumbs push the filled bit of paper upwards and over the tobacco. This is the bit that needs lots of practice! Once you have rolled it to the edge of the paper, the gummed side should be facing you and all you need to do is moisten it and stick it down. You can then fiddle about with a match or something, to push any loose strands of weed back in, or ensure that the mixture is packed tight, otherwise it will burn too quickly and you’ll waste a lot of Marijuana.

If all else fails, don’t loose heart, you can always pick up an automatic roller from your local tobacco shop! Or when here in Amsterdam, you can buy ready made joints from some of the coffee shops!

Pipes and Bongs
There are a large variety of pipes and bongs widely available in the shops today or by mail order. When you use a pipe you can use either Marijuana on its own, Marijuana mixed with tobacco or Hash mixed with tobacco. Place a small wire mesh or screen in the ‘bowl’ of the pipe and light it whilst dragging on the other end. Pipes are great for their speedy ease of use and portability.

When using a bong, you also need to fill the main chamber with liquid, (usually water but you can always get inventive!) then place your thumb or finger over the hole below the mouthpiece. When lighting the Marijuana/Hash, which is placed in a separate bowl, take a good strong drag and the chamber should fill up with smoke. The smoke enters the chamber through the water, thus cooling the smoke down. When you remove your thumb from the hole, the smoke should shoot straight up into your lungs, so beware!

Gravity bongs, also known as water bongs, use gravity and water to push the smoke into a chamber. Gravity bongs are made using a long cylinder, open at one end, with only a small hole for a bowl at the other. The cylinder, such as a plastic water bottle, is placed down in the water so that the vacuum is filled with water. A small bowl is attached and lit and the cylinder is slowly pulled up out of the water, causing the vacuum to drag the smoke down into the emptying chamber. A tube can then be inserted under the water into the chamber to catch the smoke, or the bowl can be removed and the cylinder pushed down into the water again. The water fills the chamber and forces the smoke into the waiting mouth of the recipient.

Hot Knives again use a discarded water bottle, which has the end cut off. You also need a gas stove or burner, and this only really works with Hash. You put the blades of 2 sturdy knives into the flame of a lit gas burner. When the blades are very hot, very carefully using a spatula, place a piece of Hash on one blade and place the other blade over it. Immediately cover the smoke with the open end of the cut off water bottle, a friend comes in handy for this part, and inhale the smoke through the pouring end. This is a risky and slightly dangerous method, and is a last resort, when absolutely no papers or pipes can be found. Most of all, don’t forget to turn the gas off when you finish!

Tilt pipes, also known as vaporizers, are very rare and they have a built- in heating element, which heats the Marijuana to a sub-flammable temperature, thus activating and releasing all the cannabinoids. These vaporizer types of pipes give a very smooth hit and are a favourite of ours. They are called tilt pipes because you need to tilt the pipe to bring the Marijuana into contact with the heated element.’s Smoking Etiquette
This is simply the team at’s guidelines to follow when smoking. It is by no means the ‘definitive’ etiquette of smoking your weed. No doubt the etiquette varies from country to country and we would love to learn your local customs so send them on in!

1. The person who rolls the joint, gets to light it.
2. Pass the joint around in a circular fashion.
3. Do not hang on the joint for too long – this is called a ‘Bogart’ and is a serious breach of etiquette.
4. If when smoking, someone asks for a sip of your drink, you must give them some, dry mouth is horrible and tortuous.
5. If you ask for a sip of someone’s drink, take only that and NOT a gulp.
6. It’s very impolite to pass someone the very end of a joint.
7. Try not to get the end of the joint wet with saliva.
8. If a good friend runs out of weed and you have some spare, give it to him and he in turn will reciprocate in your time of need.
9. Don’t skin up using someone else’s gear without asking.

When a friend arrives from a particularly ‘dry’ country, always meet them with a joint ready! Spread those good vibes!