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Ask Ed
Marijuana Question? ASK ED is the long-awaited compilation from the populair High Times column “Ask Ed.”
Price: €25.88
A guide for recreational and medicinal hashish users, hashish makers, and researchers.
Price: €33.75
Indoor Marijuana Horticulture
Completely revised, the classic "Indoor Bible" puts all the latest information on indoor cultivation at your fingertips.
Price: €22.13
Psychedelics Encyclopedia
“Peter Stafford’s encyclopedic guide to psychedelics is a gas to read. It is scholarly, hip, scientific, witty, well-written, hopeful, and a treasure schest of weird and wonderful information.”
Price: €44.93
Cooking With Cannabis
Cooking With Cannabis. Supported by Marijuana.nl.
Price: €27.30
"Eisner's book will do much to dispel the misconceptions about MDMA." -- Dr. Stanley Krippner
Price: €23.00
Marijuana Growers Guide
Scientifically rigorous enough for a professional botanist yet accessible to anyone who wants to grow their own marijuana.
Price: €47.70
The Big Book Of Buds
The Big Book of Buds: Marijuana Varieties from the World's Great Seed Breeders by Ed Rosenthal
Price: €45.00
The Cannabible
Astounded by the lack of books dedicated to the wondrous variety of his favorite plant, author Jason King set out on a four-year mission to document the world?s finest cannabis.
Price: €58.50