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All the products listed below are selected out of the Elephantos.com catalogue. We have made the finest selection of quality products they sell! For more information visit the Elephantos website or contact us by mail here.

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Easyleafe Grinder 
The Easyleaf Electric grinder extracts crystal dust – the vital ingredient in herbs. Powered by a 9v motor (other electrics are only 3V).
Price: €59.00
Electric Grinder 
Why the hard way? The first grinder on batteries is available now!
Price: €21.00
Max Grinder 
Grind your own blends with speed, ease, and convenience! Max-grinder grinds your herbs to a finer level letting you determine the exact size you want! All with the power of a MOTOR!
Price: €36.00
Molino Grinder 
Molino grinders are exclusively hand-crafted out of oven-dried teakwood. Please make your choice between the 8 designs.
Price: €18.00
This rasp model grinder is great for hashish too.
Price: €9.50
Rosewood Grinder 
Beautiful rosewood grinder with a built in sieve function.
Price: €26.00