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Nature Ephedra Supercap
Often referred to as natural speed, simply because chemically it is extremely close to amphetamine. 
Price: €3.50
Stacker 2
STACKER 2. The most powerful natural energizer. 
Price: €29.00
Guarana Caps
This herbal formula combines guarana with other powerful herbs like fo ti tien, Gotu kola and Siberian ginseng to make it an energizing blend that works for hours.
Price: €13.00
Heavy-E is the latest Epherdra based energizer on the market.
Price: €18.00
Xena is a powerful thermo-energetic fatburning energizer.
Price: €22.50
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket is one of the most strongest on ephedra based energizer.
Price: €15.00