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In higher doses it is an euphoric stimulant and at lower doses it induces a gentle trance.
Price: €10.00
Liquid E
Better than chemical, over 30 ingredients; mix it, drink it, feel it. The strongest natural ecstasy available! It works as a powerful and pleasant upper, a euphoriant and an aphrodisiac; in other words: its a turbo-buzz!
Price: €17.50
This unequalled is a child of the new millennium. The main ingredients Ma Huang en Cola Nut will give you an energetic but suprisingly warm rush. The other ingredients act as a catalysts.
Price: €11.95
"Happy caps" Green-E ables you to party on with a buzzy feeling the whole night.
Price: €8.00
"Happy caps" Trip-E is the only/first legal psychedelic that is based on hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (LSA)
Price: €10.00
Mister E
"Happy caps" Mister-E is a party formula for people who like to dance through the whole night.
Price: €10.00
Space E
"Happy Caps" Space-E is one of the most extreme herbal X, with a unique blend of powerful herbal ingredients including Sida Cordifolia
Price: €8.50