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Works as an energizer and a stimulant, it produces a clear mind and increases stamina.
Price: €11.00
The effect of Alsem is narcotic, lightly anaesthetic and it gives a peaceful and relaxing feeling. You can make Absinth from Alsem.
Price: €6.50
The main effects are that the herb is stimulating an that it has a positive effect on the libido.
Price: €4.65
Catmint has a relaxing effect. It is also used for several complaints, like menstruation pains, sleeplessness and colds.
Price: €7.15
Damiana is a sexual stimulant, it stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism.
Price: €7.15
Ginseng stimulates the body and improves the power of endurance, especially in periods of stress.
Price: €11.30
Guarana is a high energy source that is used to increase alertness, fights fatigue, ease muscle cramps and calm nervous tension, and it is an excellent mood elevator.
Price: €9.25
This calming herb may be smoked to produce a marijuana-like high. If made into a tea, the effects will be more intense and very relaxing; it helps to take away your inhibitions.
Price: €11.30
Valeriaan is calm down the central nerves system. Its been used by fear and overexertion because of the absence of serious hypnotic side effects.
Price: €4.50
It is a stimulant and a powerful aphrodisiac that causes mild perceptual changes (no hallucinations), warm spinal shivers and sometimes spontaneous erections.
Price: €7.15