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Beginners Grow Kit
This beginners grow kit you will easily set out into the world of mushroom home cultivation.
Price: €22.50
Light Malt Extract
Light Malt Extract can be used for Agar media recipes
Price: €13.50
Mouth Mask
A mouth Mask is important to optimize sterile conditions for cultivating mushrooms 
Price: €1.50
The advantage of perlite is that it keeps the humidity high.
Price: €4.50
Plastic Jar
This plastic jar is perfectly suitable for mushroom cultivation.
Price: €6.50
Biological riceflour. Meant to use for riceflour cakes.
Price: €2.00
Spawn bag with a microscopic filter patch
Price: €1.25
Sterile Handgloves
Handcloves to keep everything sterile
Price: €1.50
Vermiculite is an important ingredient for the substrate of growing your own mushrooms.
Price: €4.00