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Fantasy Joint 
The FantasyJoint has a relaxing effect and gives a slightly high feeling.
Price: €3.00
Hop extract has a soothing effect on the stomach and the intestines.
Price: €6.50
The Lovejoint has a relaxing effect, gives a mild marihuana-like high.
Price: €3.00
Party Package 
The ElephantosJoint's PartyPackage. Contains: 10 Herbal Joints.
Price: €20.00
Passion Joint 
The PassionJoint gives a slightly high feeling and stimulates the effect of magic mushrooms.
Price: €3.00
Peace Joint
The PeaceJoint has an dreamy, opium-like effect.
Price: €3.00
Relax Joint
The RelaxJoint gives a relaxing, light, nice taste.
Price: €3.00
Sage Extract  
Diviners sage extract.
Price: €11.50
Space Joint
The SpeaceJoint gives a mariuana-like high.
Price: €3.00
Super Joint 
The SuperJoint contains five different herbs that enhance each others effects. It gives a high, relaxing feeling.
Price: €3.00
Trance Joint 
The Trancejoint generates a slightly high feeling and increases your powers of perception.
Price: €3.00
Salvia Joint
The salvia joint 5x give a 15 min during psychedelic trip.
Price: €4.50